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Healing Sessions

Bookings are coming soon! In the mean time, please get in touch below for more information or to schedule, and I will get back to you soon.


I am honored to support your healing, awakening and empowerment process, and trust that Spirit will bring through what is needed for you at this time. This work is truly empowering, so you must be ready to accept responsibility for your own growth and healing. Be open to change! It is the doorway to magic.

Book a Session

Contact us to book a healing or reading at our Reno location.

For virtual appointments, visit:

Select a Service
Transference Healing® Session - 1.5 hours - $195


Transference Healing® is a self-healing tool that seeks to empower you to work with the very depths of your human anatomy, consciousness and spiritual being. It unifies ancient healing traditions with unique lightbody (electromagnetic) healing procedures channelled by Alexis Cartwright, creating an intricate and profoundly effective form of healing. Transference Healing® enables you to achieve and sustain a consistent level of health and wellness, while also connecting you to the complexity of your divine and inner nature. It’s a healing of hope, light and love, enhancing spiritual awakening so you can return to a state of oneness with the omniverse and the God/Goddess. A Transference Healing® will support you to clear, realign and rebalance your physical and subtle bodies. The energy and intuitive insight you receive by working with these tools heals deep emotional wounding (from past lives and your present lifetime), shifting you to higher levels of frequency and consciousness. As you make shifts into higher levels of consciousness, you naturally heal from within, co-creating peace, contentment, fulfillment and joy.

Clairvoyant Reading - 30 minutes - $122


A Clairvoyant Reading is first and foremost an acknowledgement and validation of your spiritual nature, beyond the limits of your personality, belief systems and conditioning. In this way a Reading opens up space for you to access a larger perspective, and see possibilities and options that you may not have seen before. It can reveal where you block or resist the flow of life and disentangle you from the expectations of others. Communication about your akashic records and past lives can help you move out of karmic patterns. Communication from your spirit guides can help you to feel the unconditional support that surrounds you. My intention is to connect you to your higher self, inner wisdom and certainty. The purpose of a reading is not to receive predictions or advice, but to be seen in a way that gives you the space to feel into your next step and greater purpose. It should give you a sense of clarity and peace.

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