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This sweet little Smoky Quartz Skull carries the energies of moonlight and stardust: calm, joyful, contemplative. It holds a gentle understanding of the Kundalini and life force energies.






Smoky Quartz Skull-Moonlight

SKU: 0045
  • A message from the Smoky Quartz Skull:

    Follow the current, follow the flow, be carried. Your action will come from your stillness. Surrender to the wisdom of the Kundalini and recieve it's gifts of Fire and Water. Bring awareness to their presence within you, make space for them in your body with your breath.  Be with the aliveness of your mind, body, spirit and soul, moving within your stillness. Sometimes it will be subtle, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes ecstatic. Come back to stillness and be mindful of the magic within.

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