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This Serpentine Skull laced with Pyrite will help break through illusions of lack and scarcity in your beliefs around money and time. Both are available to you in infinite amounts. It will open you to a more unconditional outlook. The pyrite inclusions look black in the photos but are luminous in reality!

3 x 2 x 2.5"





Serpentine Skull-Rio

SKU: 0046
  • A message from the Serpentine/Pyrite Skull:

    Hello! I am reminding you of the one god in all things. Each person you encounter carries the same essence, the one-in-all. When you love another, you open yourself to meet god through them. See the god in all things through them. See your own divinity. I open your heart to love, the unlimited nature of god and therefore the world. The world is abundant because it is made of god. Your heart is endless because it is the heart of god. What more is there? You open to the possibilities of life and life comes to you, and from you. God flows through. The river fills you, you are the river.

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