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SALT Fine Art Print, Unframed

4x6" image on 4.5x6.5" paper

8x10 on 8.5x11" paper

or 11x14" on 13x14.5" paper

Eco-friendly dye-based ink on Archival Hahnemuhle Natural Line Fine Art Bamboo Paper, 290 gsm

Salt Art Print


Buy 1 print and get $5 off your 2nd print

  • SALT: The Third Substance, Look Beyond

    Paracelsus called salt "the stable basis of life, its earth, ground, body." All animals have the ability to taste salt. Your body utilizes it to regulate your muscles, nerves, blood pressure and hydration. Salt is in your saliva, blood and tears. As such, it represents earth, water and the body in alchemy. The ancient alchemists saw salt as a magical third substance that could either unify opposites or be born from them. Salt holds the contractive force, which means it draws things together, brings the formless into form and makes the unseen appear. Salt’s processes of condensation and crystallization remind you that your body is designed to crystallize light, to bring spirit into matter. Salt teaches that there is always more at play than meets the eye. You may not see the inspiration behind a work of art, the pain behind your opponent’s actions or the possibilities beyond your programming, but they are there. Salt provides the alchemy to bring the intangible into your awareness. When you find yourself locked in conflict and unable to see beyond your own perspective and the polarized perspective of the other, you can choose to look for the third way. To find it requires introspection. You must acknowledge where your sense of rightness is dependent on another being wrong. You must relinquish identification with your belief systems and the sense of belonging they afford you. You must challenge your ego in order to discover a deeper sense of identity that transcends ideology and offers an enduring righteousness dependent only on love. Salt helps you purify through the element of water and embody your potential through the element of earth. Salt is easy to take for granted, but the smallest amount can transform a meal. The tiniest disruption of your perceived limitations can reveal miraculous possibilities. Look for a previously unimagined way forward that benefits the highest good of all. This third substance is precious beyond words, just as salt was once worth it’s weight in gold.


    These prints are made with care in the USA using sustainable bamboo paper and eco-friendly dye-based inks. I've chosen these inks because they look amazing and leave a gentler footprint. Because of this, they are not 100% archival and will fade slowly over a long period of time. To ensure the vibrancy of color lasts as long as possible, it is recommended that you display your artwork out of direct sunlight. Please keep your print dry and frame it soon. xo

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