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This is a gorgeous 7.5" quartz butterfly crystal skull geode with druzy crystals and points. She works with deep healing of the feminine body and womb space, especially on the physical and emotional planes, and reconnects you to Gaia and the Earth Kingdoms.

5.5 x 3.5 x 7.5"

4.07 lbs or 1848 grams



Quartz Cluster Butterfly Skull Carving

SKU: 0042
  • A message from the Quartz Custer Butterfly Skull:

    Draw your attention inward, deeply within. Your movement into the world, your healing for the world will come naturally from your inward focus. Filling the cup, filling the cup, never stop filling the cup and it will naturally overflow.

    Begin to slow the pace of your breath. Be aware of your inhales and exhales and the spaces between them as they lengthen. Let your breath flow without effort. Be soft with your breath, and allow your body to soften so that there is more space within you for your breath to move. Allow your breath to move through and beyond your body like waves. Breathe softly and expansively. Make space as you exhale and draw your attention into your body as you inhale, coming into yourself. Bring your awareness into yourself. Notice your body as it pulses with life. Feel the vibration in your fingertips, feel your connection to our Earth through the soles of your feet. Hold your body within your awareness. Feel your whole body and breathe. Now feel your heart. Bring all of yourself into your heart. Reside in the deepest part of your heart while your breath moves around you through the rest of your body, holding you in its soft and expansive embrace. Come into your heart, and feel as though your living body, and your living breath, are somehow around you and also within you. Feel your body inside your heart. Feel your awareness expand. Feel your sense of self expand to encompass the whole of life. Feel that the whole of life resides in your heart and continue to bring your awareness there.

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