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METATRON'S CUBE Fine Art Print, Unframed

4x6" image on 4.5x6.5" paper

8x10 on 8.5x11" paper

or 11x14" on 13x14.5" paper

Eco-friendly dye-based ink on Archival Hahnemuhle Natural Line Fine Art Bamboo Paper, 290 gsm

Metatron's Cube Art Print


Buy 1 print and get $5 off your 2nd print


    Metatron’s Cube can help you reach a state of harmony. This sacred geometry symbol contains the five Platonic solids, the only perfectly symmetrical polyhedra that exist in form, as well as several ancient alchemy symbols. Older than religion, the Star of David, the Cross and the Merkaba are found in the Cube, along with the Seed of Life, an ancient motif that appears at sacred sites in Egypt, Israel, Turkey, China, Japan, India, Iraq, Spain, Italy, Romania, Scotland and England. The golden ratio and its spiral can be traced through the geometry of Metatron’s Cube where we find patterns that are repeated in flowers, pine cones, snowflakes, shells, galaxies, our corneas and our DNA. The Cube’s symmetry signifies balance, not only between our feminine and masculine aspects but also between Earth and Heaven. It is a doorway through which we can access our light and bring it into form. Some religious scholars say that the Cube represents the Creator existing within creation: the macro in the micro. Metatron’s Cube is a diagram of physical and spiritual laws, which manifest through our atoms and cells, the movement of stars and the structure of life. The Cube holds a frequency. The life force pulses through it. Use the technology and mythology of Metatron’s Cube to inspire spiritual growth through a shift of perception, so that you can begin to access and utilize your creative potential here on Earth.


    These prints are made with care in the USA using sustainable bamboo paper and eco-friendly dye-based inks. I've chosen these inks because they look amazing and leave a gentler footprint. Because of this, they are not 100% archival and will fade slowly over a long period of time. To ensure the vibrancy of color lasts as long as possible, it is recommended that you display your artwork out of direct sunlight. Please keep your print dry and frame it soon. xo

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