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This set of five high-quality templates filters the interdimensional frequencies of Transference Healing into your home or healing space, templating a high-vibrational reality. 5 x A4 Templates. 5 x A4 Templates.

Master Christ Template Set

SKU: 0007
  • This set of five high-quality templates filter the interdimensional frequencies that create the properties and procedures of Transference Healing. They create an energetic impact not only within the body and consciousness, but also in your reality. When placed in their appropriate formation in your home or healing space, these templates filter divinely orchestrated universal frequencies into your environment.

    Each template has been overlaid with fine gold and silver leaf to draw upon magnetic and electromagnetic frequency. The back of each template details its associated knowledge and energy.

    The three black templates are only sold as a part of the Master Christ Template Set. They cannot be purchased separately.


    Due to the high quality material used to create these templates, they will mark if handled incorrectly. Each template must be handled with extreme care to avoid damage to this delicate work. To protect your templates, we recommend that you use a tissue or gloves to handle them until they are either framed or laminated for display.

    Size: Each of the five templates is A4.

    Master Christ Template Set © Transference Healing Pty Ltd 2008.

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