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This collection of healing tools offers you the ability to harness divine alchemical powers.  It includes twenty-eight black onyx crystals, skilfully etched with the alchemical symbols of our Earth and cosmos, and six cards featuring the sacred geometric structures that are the building blocks of our world. Accompanied by a 92 page guidebook detailing practical procedures.  This complete set supports you to apply the powerful magic of alchemy to your everyday life.

Healing with Alchemy

SKU: 0003
  • Transference Healing is delighted to share the ‘Healing with Alchemy Set’, a powerful ritual tool for the modern day alchemist.

    Alchemy is the universal principle that transforms focused intent into tangible reality. It is the kind of magic that assists you to manifest positive change. When you are empowered to draw upon these creative forces, you will find peace and guidance at the most challenging of times. Working with alchemy helps you to achieve wellbeing, prosperity and joy.

    The Healing with Alchemy Set empowers you to embrace the ancient wisdom of our universe for the attainment of insight, clarity and physical rejuvenation. Through the energetic knowledge and power contained within this set, everyday will become an opportunity for you to unearth your highest potential and manifest the reality you desire.

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