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This tiny powerhouse skull of black obsidian and quartz is a teacher of balance.






Black Obsidian & Clear Quartz

SKU: 0048
  • A message from the Black Obsidian/Clear Quartz Skull:

    You are balancing polarities, finding unity within, entering into a divine marriage within youeself. Forging a sacred contract within yourself to honor the god and goddess in you, to assess your needs, to love yourself as an expression of the divine. What is coming to you (what you are creating) is more than you can imagine, but also YOU yourself are more than you can imagine. Your sacred marriage within yourself is a promise to seek your highest expression, to love and honor the fullness of yourself and to walk yourself home. Your journey to presence is a love story with youself. In the brightness and the dark, this journey is calling you to wholeness and coherency, to the love that you are.

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