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THE SINGER Fine Art Print, Unframed

4x6" image on 4.5x6.5" paper

8x10 on 8.5x11" paper

or 11x14" on 13x14.5" paper

Eco-friendly dye-based ink on Archival Hahnemuhle Natural Line Fine Art Bamboo Paper, 290 gsm

The Singer Art Print


Buy 1 print and get $5 off your 2nd print

  • THE SINGER: Archangel Sandalphon, Frequency of Sound

    Archangel Sandalphon is the twin aspect of Archangel Metatron, as each oversees opposite spheres of the Kabbalah, or Tree of Life. Sandalphon’s sphere, Malkuth, is connected to physicality and the creation of matter. It allows the initiate to learn through incarnations. Sandalphon watches over unborn and newborn children as they condense their souls to become physical. Sandalphon and Metatron are said to be the only archangels who have experienced earthly life in human bodies, Metatron as Enoch and Sandalphon as Elijah. This gives Sandalphon the ability to act as a bridge that can bring high frequencies down to a vibration that humanity can access, often through sound. Sandalphon tends to the sounds you can hear and those you can’t. The philosophical concept “music of the spheres” encompasses the belief that mathematical ratios produce tones, and that the rotation of the planets creates a symphony. The Hindus believe that Aum, or Om, brought the world into being. Sound from your atoms and cells can be detected by science, and it has been proven that your body transforms at atomic and cellular levels as a result of sound. Sandalphon assists this process, and is here to help you bring frequency into form through the sounds you make and absorb. You emit a unique sound signature. When you express yourself vocally your notes enrich the symphony of life. In fact, they are crucial to your own healing and the evolution of our universe. When you suppress what needs to be spoken, illness and blocks to the flow of creativity result. It is time to let your voice be heard. Sing, write, chant or speak up! Listen for guidance from Archangel Sandalphon. It will come through messages you “hear” with your intuition, unexpected noises timed to perfection or the relevant lyrics of a song. Listen to the music of the world and allow your own voice to join in harmony.


    These prints are made with care in the USA using sustainable bamboo paper and eco-friendly dye-based inks. I've chosen these inks because they look amazing and leave a gentler footprint. Because of this, they are not 100% archival and will fade slowly over a long period of time. To ensure the vibrancy of color lasts as long as possible, it is recommended that you display your artwork out of direct sunlight. Please keep your print dry and frame it soon. xo

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